Elle's Studio: Stashbusting the May Kit & Add-ons!

Hi Everyone! 

Today I am sharing how I use up the left overs of my Elle's Studio kits! 
Stashbust, kill your kit - call it what you want! 
The point is to use it all & be creative while we wait for our next kit to arrive!

The May Kit was an absolute stunner, and I made some truly pretty pages from it. 
But now what???
When I looked at what I had left over as a whole, there wasn't a commonality between anything!
I had a few 3 x 4 cards & one 4 x 6 card, and some Die Cuts left from the exclusive May Kit. 
I also had remnants of the Puffy Hearts & Play All Day Phrase Stickers, some of the Labels, as well as the Hazel Stamp!
 I had a bit of this and bit of that.... until I grouped everything by color!
Here's what I came up with.....


How fun is this?!! 
Inspired by party banners, I decided to suspend my color blocked scraps together! 
I used some baker's twine & ink from my personal stash, but otherwise everything else is from the May Kit and Add Ons.  
Here's a closer look for you....

How did I get SO many pieces?
Lots of clever cutting from the May Kit 3x4 cards.

I used the negatives from the May Kit Die Cuts as a stencil and drew the hearts, stars and tabs on the left over 3 x 4 cards. I then fussy cut them out to reveal 'more' embellishments than I actually had on hand. 


While I had my trusty scissors handy, I also fussy cut the arrows from the 3 x 4 card that featured 5 arrows on it, as well as the left over labels. I also trimmed up the 4 x 6 card into smaller squares to matte beneath my photo. 
 I added the Play All Day Phrase Stickers to many of these embellishments, and then strung them along the twine in color blocks. 
To keep the design more cohesive, I kept the color blocks in rainbow order. 
Tip: Having analogous colors together is more orderly and pleasing on the eye!

To strengthen the color block feature, I repeat stamped the plus sign symbol from the Hazel Stamp. I stamped at varying angles to create a confetti appearance, and used coordinating inks. This stamping works beautifully with the banner design, and brings it all together!  

I position some of the Puffy Hearts onto the twine, and scatter others around the banner in their color block. 
To ensure my photo is the true hero of my layout, I place it in the center of my final banner. 

And there you have it! 
Kill your kit with a lil creative fussy cutting, stamping and color blocking! 
Hope this inspires you to use up the last of your May Kit! 

Thanks so much for visiting, 
til next time

Happy Arty Days, 
Amanda xo 

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