Pebbles: Pocket Letter FUN!

Hi Friends!

It's time for a lil more Pebbles love! 
Today I am sharing a little Summer Boredom Solver activity;
Creating Pocket Letters!
Pocket letters come in many shapes and forms, and are tons of fun to make!
I thought children who suffer Summer Break boredom in the USA could get ahead with their 4th July crafts, and make a start on their classmate gifts! 
Here's what I came up with.......

Oh so much fun!
 And depending on the recipients, you could also add your favorite candy, party whistles, sparklers - the possibilities are endless! Fill them with letters & note cards, and encourage children to celebrate old fashioned snail mail! 
What a fun package to receive!
Here's how to create them....

Start with your favorite supplies from the Land That I Love collection. 
You'll need at least two sheets of pattern paper, as well as some Printed Cardstock Shapes (ephemera), and stickers.
I chose papers, Oh! The Places We Go! & United We Stand for my samples.

To create the pockets, start by trimming the pocket bases  7" long x 4"wide. 
You'll get three bases from one sheet of paper. 
Next, trim the pocket fronts 4" x 4" square.

Position the fronts on top of the bases, and machine stitch into place.
 Remove excess threads, and embellish the pocket fronts with Printed Cardstock Shapes.

I used Adhesive Foam Dots to make my shapes really 'pop' on the pocket covers. Super cute pockets made in a minute. And because they're so easy to make, your bored children should be able to create one for every classmate in less than an hour! Yay!

Making pockets is quick & easy, but filling them is by far the best part!
Here's a few ideas on what you could add to yours.....

These fun wands are a great addition! Use coordinating paper straws  (or wrap ribbon around plastic straws) for the wand handle. Hot glue Printed Cardstock Shapes or Dimensional Star Rosette Stickers & ribbon tassels to create the tops of the wand. Perfect for waving during the parade!

How about a note card, or sentiment? 
I cut apart pattern paper Land That I Love & attached handwritten notes to the backs of these 3 x 4 cards using washi tape.

Stuff your pockets full of fun treats! 
Candy, party whistles, pencils..... 
I even cut apart my Puffy Stickers and 6 x 12 Cardstock Stickers and popped some of them in too!

Some seriously fun mail that I think your children will love creating!
Maybe you could surprise them with a special one that you've made for them too?! ;) 
Everyone loves receiving happy mail!
Here's a few close ups for you.....

Oh gosh! Does snail mail get any cuter than this?!! 
I love the inclusion of those fabulous Puffy Stickers!

Those fireworks!?!! Gor-jus! 
I hot glued a tiny paper clip to the back of mine so they can be used in TNs & planners!

3 Cheers for the Red, White & Blue!!! Love this so much!

And there you have it! 
A Summer Boredom Buster that's as fun to make as it is to receive!
I hope you and your children will enjoy creating these Pocket Letters!

Thanks so much for visiting!
Til next time, 

Happy Arty Days, 
Amanda xo

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