Cocoa Vanilla Studio: Boys Rule!

Hi Eveyone!

Boy-OH-boy am I excited about the newest  Cocoa Vanilla Studio collection, Boys Rule
This collection is just the coolest boy line EVER! Yep, I said it, EVER!!! Infact, it's cool with a capital C! So easy to create with that I made today's layout in only 15 minutes!

** Warning - the new Boys Rule collection is not for the faint hearted, this is 100% Pure Boy awesome! **

There are just SO many reasons why you're gonna love this collection too!
But enough chatter, let's have a look at my first layout......

"Mr. Fantastic"


Yep. Mr Fantastic indeed!
So many awesome elements in this line, but I just couldn't get past creating with that incredible specialty paper first!
This paper is all kinds of amazing! It's called CV-BR018 LARGE DIE CUT & BACKING KIT and as the name suggests this is a pre-made cut file kit! I know, that's madness! So crazy good! 
Not quite understanding me, well here's a visual to what I'm meaning....

And you thought I created something special, didn't you? 
Well, I kinda did but mostly I just let the paper do ALL the work!
Seriously, this paper is just THE BEST! It even has the mixed media added to it already as well!
Now you can see how I made my page in only 15 minutes - perfect for those of us who are time poor. Or, if you want the cut file look but don't have a cutting machine. I said it before, and I'll say it again, this is the coolest boy collection EVER!
Let's take a closer look....

With the background taken care of, this layout was simply a matter of mounting my photo, and embellishing! My photo mounts consist of that fun striped CHIPBOARD PIECES frame, ACCESSORY STICKERS and mixed pieces from the MISCELLANY pack. I'm especially loving the raw woodgrain frame  - so edgy, and perfect for balancing all the black & white in this page.
 A mix of arrows direct you into my sweet photograph, he's Mr Fantastic for sure! 
I adorn my cool kid photograph with CHIPBOARD PIECES, adding both sentiments as well as dimension to the design.

As always, the coordinating FLAIR BUTTONS are super awesome, so I used three for good measure! Love them layered onto the cut file stars - so good!

And while we're speaking of stars, I just had to add more of them to this cool kid page!  
You'll find DIE CUT EPHEMERA, ACCESSORY STICKERS, & CHIPBOARD PIECES stars throughout my layout. As layering is quite the feature on this page, I even doubled up that Yeah Boy flag in keeping with the design aesthetic. I've mounted it on foam dots, and even popped a star in it too! Stars for the win!

Here's another close up of those awesome FLAIR BUTTONS! 
Nothing says Beware, Adventure Boy! more than skull n cross bones! SO cool! 
You'll spot the star one below too.....

It's no secret that I am a huge fan of the typewriter font phrases in our ACCESSORY STICKERS. I couldn't resist adding just a little journaling with them in the bottom corner of my page. I just love how everything works together so perfectly - it really is so easy to create with!

The CHIPBOARD PIECES are another new fave of mine! 
I love that they're not stickers and can be easily rearranged around your page during the planning process. Here's a closer look at that speech bubble adorning the top of my photo....

Pretty RAD indeed!

Super cool boy pages in minutes, that's what we love!
I hope my layout has inspired you today!

Thanks so much for visiting!
til next time, 

Happy Arty Days,
 Amanda xo 

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