All NEW Shimmerz Paints Colors!!!

Hi Creatives! 

Welcome back for more Shimmerz Paints inspiration!
Today I am sharing my first creation with our brand new Shimmerz colors!
Yessss! New colors!

Here's what they look like....

Aren't they preeeeeetty?!!
But wait, there's more.....! 
These colors are just shimmery perfection! 
LOVE them all! 

Infact, I was so blown away with how fabulous they are, that I decided to share them on 
Instagram LIVE - I apologise if you watched! I was such a nervous bundle of energy :(  Lol! 
I quickly splash painted these messy hearts....

(I know, those colors!!!!)

 just to show off that fabulous shimmer and gorgeous pigment, 
But then a few people messaged me to say they needed to see it completed. 
To be honest, I had planned on putting it in the trash! 
I mean, the colors are divine, but this is just messy play, right?
  I'm so glad I listened to you all though because this is what I ended up creating with it.......

All the rainbow hearts love for this!
SO super cute, fun and happy! 
I absolutely adore that sweet photograph, and those shimmery hearts formed the perfect background! 

Here's a closer look for you.....

SO adorable! 
The playful and rather cute Echo Park: Imagine That collection partnered perfectly with the new Shimmerz colors, and really accentuated the happy vibe of this memory! 

Let's take a closer peak at those hearts.....

That shimmer is just incredible! Crazy good!!! 
I thought I could pick a fave color or two from the new ones, but the truth is, I can't!!! 
I love, love, LOVE all 6 of the new colors! 
( & yes, caticorns are a thing now! just sayin'  ;)  )

Let Your Imagination Soar seems fitting for my precious two in the photo, as well as when you play with Shimmerz Paints! 

Check out ALL the gorgeous new Shimmerz colors HERE
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(The free paint deal applies to every single time you order, 
but is not valid with any other discounts or promos.)

Thanks so much for visiting!
til next time, 

Happy Arty Days, 
Amanda xo 

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  1. Lots of love here. I like the cat peering over the frame!