Pebbles: Getting Organised Using A Traveler's Notebook

Hi Friends!

I hope the New 2018 Year is bringing you much joy!
 If you're like me, and feeling a lil behind, overwhelmed or just needing to be more organized for the busy year ahead, then today's post is for you!

I don't know about you, but I certainly feel more organized and less stressed when I jot things down and make lists. Keeping a Traveler's Notebook handy in my purse means I can stay focused, and remember all those appointments too! #igotthis

As soon as I laid eyes on the gorgeous Pebbles: Forever My Always collection I just knew I had to use it for my TN journaling! 
Let's make the everyday ordinary things special too! 
Let's make ALL the pretty things! 
After all, it's a beautiful life!
Here's what I have created to help me conquer 2018!

How CUTE is this Pebbles Traveler's Notebook?!! 
If nothing else, my 2018 is going to be pretty!!!
Here's a sneaky peak inside too.....

Adore this! Being organized never looked so good! And the best part, it only takes a few minutes to create - perfect for this modern, busy world we live in!

Here's how to make your own TN:

  1. Start with your insert paper. I use a good quality A4 copy paper for my everyday lists. Trim to 8 3/4"wide x 8 1/4 long.
  1. Select pattern paper for cover,  (I use the sweet Love Labels for mine) and place the insert paper over it - as shown below. Ensure the cover is just the tiniest bit bigger to allow for full coverage of the inserts, and trim.

3. Score both the inserts and patterned paper cover, and fold in half. Sew, staple or hand stitch the spine to complete.

I sew mine with my machine on a larger stitch, slow speed.
Here's a closer look at how neat the stitching is.....

Super sweet! Use this technique to create as many Notebooks as you need!
Now to decorate!
A good page marker is always helpful - create a stunning rosette clip with the Forever My Always Rosette Stickers and a paperclip. Too easy!

For my TN spread, I use the reverse side of the pattern paper barcode strip, Date Night.
Tip: These sample strips at the bottom of 12 x 12 papers make an excellent alternative to washi tape!

A page marker and some faux washi make such a difference! So simple and yet so effective!
Next, I decorate with a couple of the Cardstock 6 x 12 Icons & Accents Stickers. 
That pencil is just perfection for this planner / notebook! 
I trim pattern paper, Sprinkled Blossoms to 2" wide x 2 1/2"long to create some full boxes. 
A great alternative to planner icon box stickers, and it really defines my TN layout.

I continue to define my TN spread with a few hand drawn boxes, as well as my check list to the left hand side. The typewriter sticker couldn't be any more adorable, and embellishes my long list. I add Puffy Stickers to my half boxes, serving as bullet points. 
Looking good!

For finishing touches, I embellish with more cute stickers, and Die Cuts!

And there you  have it! Super quick (and really pretty!)crafting to keep you organized! 
I hope I have inspired you to make your own Travelers Notebook with the beautiful Pebbles Forever My Always papers and embellishments!

Thanks so much for visiting,
til next time, 

Happy Arty Days, 
Amanda xo 


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  1. Hi Amanda! I think that's just the cutest way to keep on track. I'm always attracted to Pebbles for the colours they use. They're so me :D Cheers!