Shimmerz Paints: Beautiful Vibez!

Hi Everyone!

Time for another Shimmerz Paints product focus, 
& today I'm showcasing the incredible Vibez range!

What are Vibez, I hear you ask?

Vibez are intensely colorful and shimmer saturated sprays. 
There are also various colors of iridescence - gold, silver, bronze, pearl and various mixtures of each.

Here's what I've created with mine today, 

"You Are Beautiful"

Swoon! So very beautiful, indeed!
Isn't this just delightful?!

 and been inspired by the pretty hues and feathers in this line....

I have combined Vibez:
 and strategically sprayed them to create a ombre tonal effect for my stenciled feathers.
The result is just stunning!!!
When it comes to ombre effects, I always start with the lightest colour first - you can always darken your inks/paints, but it's harder to make them appear lighter. 

To recreate the feathers in this layout simply spray pink, then purple & lastly the blue. 
We want them to blend into each other so be sure to keep them all wet until completed. 
Heat gun dry and watch the shimmery goodness appear!
The shimmer in all the Vibez is just divine!

Such a simple technique, but oh SO effective!

so I treated mine to a lil Inklingz: Beets Me love too! 
More Shimmery goodness!
Here's a few close ups for you.....

Shimmer-tastic! La la LOVE this!

How good is that title too?
The Inklingz have an almost metallic sheen to them - so gorgeous!

Here's a view of the smaller feather..... 

Gah! I just can't get enough of Shimmerz Vibez!
Insanely pretty!

All the heart eyes for my beautiful girl! 
& this STUNNING collection too (it was if it was made for her!)

And there you have it!
My very beautiful look at the Shimmerz Paints: Vibez products!

I hope I have inspired you to get creating with them too!
& REMEMBER: Type my name AMANDA in the comments section of your order 
& you'll receive a FREE gift! Yay! 
I love free paint! 

Thanks so much for visiting today!
til next time, 

Happy Arty Days, 
Amanda xo 

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