Cocoa Vanilla Studio: You're Awesome You ROCK!!!

Hi Everyone!

Boy-oh-boy have I been hanging out to share my first layout with the totally awesome boy collection from Cocoa Vanilla Studio: You ROCK!
This collection is just so much fun & I couldn't wait to use it for my Mr A for Awesome! But enough chatter, let's get straight into the good stuff!

Here's my layout,
"You're Awesome You ROCK"

Isn't this the coolest?!!
 The You ROCK collection is just so incredibly awesome that I just had to use it all in the one layout! Yep, you read correctly! 
You'll spy at least one of every item from the line on this page! 
The circular design really lends itself to embellishing and WHOA! Doesn't just scream fun?!!

Moving away from that mixed media feast and circle sensation for just a moment, you'll notice that I introduced small trianlges into the page design too. There's a method to my madness here!  
I've used a whole lotta stars for embellishment, and stars have very sharp angles which contrast against the circle design. By adding the opposing corner triangles to my layout, I've created balance and a little unity between both geometric shapes. It creates a more natural flow for the eye. 
I've used WASHI STICKERS and foam mounted patterned paper, CV-YR005 NIGHT SKY to achieve this look.

Back to that awesome circle now.....

Let's start at the center!
How fabulous is that Wood Veneer title?!
 From the rockstar font to the boldness of the size; this veneer means business! Let's get loud and shout it out! LOVE it!!! 
You'll see that I've mounted my title onto a foam taped, old school View Master film from the DIE CUT EPHEMERA packet. I love that it's been printed to look like a misted newspaper, and practice target - so cool! It really makes my title pop and be the central focal point for this design! 
There's a super cool CHIPBOARD STICKER arrow beneath it all directing your eye into my photo next....

With such a big impact title I kept my photo small, simple,  as well as black & white, to contrast all the other page elements. I've layered my photo with both sides of the patterned paper CV-YR005 NIGHT SKY, a tab ACCESSORY STICKER, the RAD RUBBER CHARM,  and even a strip of the WASHI STICKERS to support it. To the lower right hand side of my photo, I've also embellished with that Awesome FLAIR BUTTON, some black cotton from my stash, and another terrific DIE CUT EPHEMERA piece.
 Here's a closer look......

That's My Boy, indeed! SO cool! 
Check out those stars and ENAMEL SHAPES too!!!
Some of the stars in my circle are fussy cut from the pattern paper CV-YR001 STARSHINE, others are DIE CUT EPHEMERA, ACCESSORY STICKERS, CHIPBOARD STICKERS and even RUBBER CHARMS! 
(I warned you - I had to use ALL the things! )
Here's another look at the circular design and all those stars.....

Even the arrow has it's own star! Such a bold and playful collection! Loving it all!
And I can't go past that banner RUBBER CHARM!!! How incredible! It forms the first part of my title, and I LOVE it! It's mounted onto a small WASHI STICKER strip for a lil extra highlight!
Total Awesomeness!!!

And there you have it! 
My first creation with the super cool You ROCK collection! 
Hope I have inspired you to get creating with it too!
Thanks so much for visiting and leaving a comment - it really means so much!
til next time,
Happy Arty Days, 
Amanda xo 

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