APOCD: Thoughtful Thursday!

Hi Lovelies!

Today I am sharing an absolutely uplifting Thoughtful Thursday with you! :)

How's your week been so far?

Our gorgeous Miss M has been having a bit of a challenging time of late - it seems 9 is the new 13! And friendships are at a difficult stage... 
So sad when she is such a sweet and innocent soul. 
So what to do?

Well, it got me thinking about the importance of positive messages and affirmations for children. 
Children even growing up ones, need to be surrounded by radiating love.
In our family, we believe in the power of the mind - and  literally, 
"What you think, you become...."
So it's super important that we embrace our daughter's growth and change with nothing but pure positive support. 
 I've decided to create M an 8.5" x 11" album full of beautiful photographs 
(for 'those days' when you may feel vulnerable about yourself ) 
lots of uplifting quotes, affirmations and wonderful memories.
I am hoping that on days when she comes home from school teary-eyed, 
she can flick through this album and feel the love!

Gorgeous, huh?

Well, if you look carefully, you'll spy the Simple Stories: So Fancy 4x4 Elements cards -
 which have some really wonderful words on them.
Perfect for a page in Miss M's new affirmations album! 
Here it 'tis.....

"You are..."

Told you she was a sweetie! Isn't she beautiful?!
Hopefully, pages like these will serve as good reminders :)
And how awesome are those 4 x 4 Element cards?! 
So Fancy stickers too!
Let's take a closer peak......

As this is such a 'clean' design layout, I added just a lil messy stitching for texture.

And, one small distressed panel stitched into place for dimension & interest.
Isn't that typewriter sticker divine?!!
& speaking of stickers, this one below would have to be my favourite.......

A golden patchwork heart! Soooooo prettty! 
(Just like our precious Miss!)
Ooooh, and I tucked a few of those golden flower sequins under my photograph too - they're just the right amount of embellishing without being too much!

And that's where I've been at this week - 
filling a new album with pretty, happy moments that uplift and inspire!

(Oh, & we've started mum and daughter yoga again - 
more mindfulness, centering and focusing on strength. )
Having loads of fun and laughing as we fall out of our poses, lol! 

Thanks for stopping by beautiful people, 

Happy Arty Days,
Amanda xo

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