Cocoa Vanilla Studio: Hello Awesome!

Hi Creatives!

Welcome back for my second DT project of the month with Cocoa Vanilla Studio!
 Today I have an awesome You ROCK layout for you!
 I am sharing a simple,
 'less is more' kind of a page,
with a real emphasis on my photograph! Hope you like it!
Here's my layout,

"Hello Awesome"

Hello Awesome, indeed! What a cutie!
For those of you who aren't familiar, my sweet boy is known as our Mister A for Awesome. So that WOOD VENEER SHAPES title is a perfect match & descriptor!

With such an adorable photo, it was important to keep it as the real focus of my scrapbook page. I've opted for a simple vertical design for my layout, centering my photograph to draw your eye in! The colours and textures are drawn from my photo too - so lots of warmth and wooden accents over my white cardstock base.

The woodgrain pattern paper, (reverse side) CV-YR008 PLUS ONE, has been rotated so that the grain follows the same direction as the tree trunk in my photo. It is then paired with the reverse sides of pattern papers, CV-YR001 STARSHINE  & CV-YR002 IN LINE 
The deep blue pulls from Mr A's jumper colour, and the warm yellows play on the Autumn/Fall leaves at the base of the photo. Simple, but so effective!
Let's take a closer look.....

Starting from the top and working down the page, I have that divine woodgrain pattern as the base.  I have added a subtitle with that super cute DIE CUT EPHEMERA Limited Edition and mounted this on foam tape for extra dimension & interest.

 I have positioned an ACCESSORY STICKERS tag beneath my photo, and veneer hello to break up the wooden elements and add a spot of colour. A few scattered ENAMEL SHAPES complete the top section of my design.
Travelling down, we have the second and third layer of pattern paper trim, as well as my layered photograph....

Omgoodness! This photo is truly cuteness overload! I love that I managed to capture such a natural look with the light in his eyes, and the dirt on his cheek! So super cute!
But enough of that, let's get back to the layering beneath the photo!

You'll notice that I double up on the bunting flag ACCESSORY STICKERS  to create a sense of symmetry to photo placement, so yes, it is two sheets of ACCESSORY STICKERS to create this look (but honestly, I go through two to three sheets of stickers every collection, so no drama to have an extra sheet on hand to recreate this look, right? ) ;)

Where did I get that stunning yellow striped paper I hear you ask?
Good question. Firstly, it isn't paper.
 It's a DIE CUT EPHEMERA frame.
And secondly, I snipped it into half and attached each piece to the underside of my photo to create the illusion of a new pattern paper.
Such a cool trick when you're working with a distinct colour palette and need another pattern paper option!
As we approach the base of my scrapbook layout, the yellow ephemera arrows direct your attention to the second half of my WOOD VENEER SHAPES title.....

Totally awesome!
And how about that FLAIR BUTTON?!!
That crown on the top is such a cool detail for my lil man!
 More scattered ENAMEL SHAPES embellish the page, and then I have a  1/2 inch paper strip of reverse side CV-YR002 IN LINE on the very bottom of the layout.
To keep with the vertical and balanced look, the paper strip is adorned with a WASHI TAPE STICKER and a finishing touch ACCESSORY STICKER Officially Amazing in the center.

And there you have it!
A clean, simple look with lots of impact!
I do hope that my layout has inspired you today!
I LOVE the You ROCK collection - it really is perfection for scrapping the boys!
Be sure to get yours here before it's all gone!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!
til next time,

Happy Arty Days, 
Amanda xo 

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