Cocoa Vanilla Studio: Don't Grow Up!

Hi Creative Friends!
Welcome back for another super fun Cocoa Vanilla StudioTOTALLY RAD boy layout!
This collection is just as the name promises - TOTALLY RAD!!! I can't rave enough how awesome this new collection is!
But rather than chatter, why don't I let my pictures do the talking?
Here's my oh-so-happy, super cool, boy layout....
"Don't Grow Up"
Yep, that's my boy! How totally awesome and RADICAL!
With such fantastic photos of my boy, it is so truly wonderful to have Totally RAD to scrap them - it's just Sooooo BOY!!!
I mean, where do I start?!
Robots, skateboards, stars, and a fun colour palette - it was always bound to be amazing!
Let's take a closer look....
Just loving the combination of the Woodgrain pattern paper (CV-TR004 - STELLAR)Woodies & Wood Veneers to take the 'edge' off the cool pattern papers. Adding depth, warmth, balance and texture to the layout.
And those Die Cut Ephemera robots are the bees knees!!! So playful and fun but still masculine - very cleverly designed!
To cut through the cool patterns, and the natural wood tones, I've featured a bold, black subtitle, as well as the 'Awesome' flair button....
This really is such a fun, colourful, all-boy collection! Love, love, love!
That camera pattern paper (CV-TR006 - HAPPY SNAPS) is super cool! The cameras have a vintage look to them, and are slightly distressed too....
And how fabulous is that Die Cut Ephemera title - don't GROW UP - it's a trap?!!
I stapled mine and added a tiny Woodies embellishment to it to add more interest- but isn't it cool?
I truly am loving having such a fun, and genuinely cool boy collection to create with!
Trust me when I say, if you have boys in your life, you NEED Totally RAD ;)
And on that happy note,
Thanks for stopping by today! 
I hope I have inspired you to get scrappy!
til next time,
Happy Arty Days, 
Amanda xo

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