Shimmerz Paints: Illustration FUN!

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Welcome back for more Shimmerz Paints inspiration!
Today I am sharing a very quick, &  sweet illustration that I have hand coloured with our favourite Creameez products! 

Creameez are intensely pigmented, solid, dry, watercolors that are activated by the application of water. They have just a hint of shimmer and are rich in color and tone.

Today's share started as a sample for my students. 
We were discussing the importance of five minute illustrations, 
& that not all works need to be masterpieces to be meaningful. 
So while we talked, I quickly penned up this sweet face, inspired by artist Maruti Bitamin. 
I was considering her for a stamp design - but she got too messy fast! 
And while she isn't my greatest work,  this piece certainly serves the point of creating art for Art's sake! 

Sweet, huh?!
I was going to toss her in the bin at the end of class, but then thought that would make me a hypocrite. 
What if I could 'color' her & really add more depth to the conversation with my students about value, and adding meaning to our doodles and scribbles???
And so the scribble, became the artwork!

Here's how she turned out...... 

Didn't she turn out lovely?! 
Such a sweet piece that took no more than 10 minutes to create, 
but would look just gorgeous in a frame! 
Giving respect to our illustrations, and using some quality paint really changes the aspect!
And which of our beautiful Creameez watercolors did I use?

You'll spy Shimmerz Paints Creameez in:

Such beautiful, rich colors!

When it comes to adding meaning or value to our scribbles, 
Shimmerz Paints have got you covered!

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Thanks so much for stopping by today!
I hope you feel inspired to get drawing, and painting - it's FUN!!!
til  next time, 

Happy Arty Days, 
Amanda xo 

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